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China Will Soon Launch World’s First Unhackable Computer Network

Cybercrime is increasing at a fast pace, in the midst of this China has successfully tested world’s first unhackable computer called the Jinan Project. The project is based on quantum principles.

This computer is expected to be used by the end of August. Once launched the project would bring huge advancement in quantum technology and create a strong position of China in the field.
Jinan city is used for this project due to its strong geographical position as it lies between Beijing and Shanghai.

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Making a computer on Quantum principles is safe as if any interference occurs on the PC, the system quickly warns the user about it. Interference alters the data that is transmitted so any meddling in the network is identified promptly and so users would be notified about it. This is the reason Quantum key distribution system is better and secure compared to other electronic communication forms.

Zhou Fei who is currently the Assistant Director of the Jinan Institute of Quantum Technology said that their aim is to use this system for national defense, finance, and other required fields. They expect to first spread it out as an experiment and if everything goes well the computer would be used in China and globally.
The benefits of this system are numerous. Not only would it secure online payments and service but once in operational phase it would enhance the strategic position of China and make it quite difficult for other nations to spy on Chinese communications.
Also, China would become the first country to use quantum technology practically, thus becoming the pioneer in this field globally.