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HTC Will Stop Ads Appearing On The Keyboard

HTC recently received a backlash over popup ads that are appearing over the Keyboard, HTC says it will fix the “error” as soon as possible which allowed the ads to wrongly appear on the keyboard on some of its phone models.

Many HTC users outraged online on Twitter and Facebook, to express their feelings about popup ads appearing on the default keyboard. The ads hindered the ability to type and see the words/icons properly and took them to another website after being tapped on the ad.

The TouchPal pre-installed default keyboard in HTC latest smartphones is provided by the third party which is integrated into HTC phones as default keyboard. The keyboard comes in both free and paid versions and the free version is entitled to shows ads.

HTC runs on Android also let users install custom keyboards in order to maximize users typing experience, as Android comes with default built-in keyboard but many companies design their own keyboards.

Addressing the users concerns, HTC in a statement said, “This is absolutely not what we intended, we’re working continuously to get this error fixed immediately.”
In a review on Google Play Store, TouchPal acknowledged the issue appeared within their servers. However, people were criticizing the company.

Another critique said on Reddit, “Ads should go nowhere near the keyboard, as they knew what they were doing.”

Facebook Ads Are Also Coming
Facebook has recently announced propagating mobile ads on their Facebook Messenger app. Would people also respond to those ads like they responded to HTC? Facebook ensured that the ads will only appear on top of the inbox screen as it appears in Gmail or Yahoo mail, but what happens next who knows?


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