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Chinese Education Authorities To Use Drones To Catch Cheating

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Chinese educators are now focusing more on technology in education and specially to curb cheating in exams using high-tech drones, facial recognition and fingerprint technology.

High school students undergo university entrance exams every year in millions and this test becomes really important for them to land a good university and finally a highly paid white-color job.  

The exam is quite competitive and the return is even much higher which induces students to cheat.

It have been reported that over the past few years students used wireless devices to cheat, the devices appeared to be belts, erasers and wrist watches. Tiny ear phones were also used by some to communicate with mates outside the examination hall.

Education authorities in China are now equipped with latest technology to combat cheating in Chinese popular entry exams, centers has deployed fingerprint, facial recognition, metal detectors, signal blockers, wireless devices detectors and even drones, in order to weed out cheating from the competitive exams, according to Reuters.

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Shandong province universities have restricted students from taking leave on Tuesday and Wednesday on the days of exam, to prevent any of them from posing as real exam takers, the official Xinhua news agency said.

Cheating is a real problem in examination halls and becomes more common for exams that include multiple choice questions such as mathematics and English. Other exam types, on the other hand such as essay-writing have less cheating possibilities.

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