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Ufone and Rizq brings free food for poor this Ramadan in Pakistan

This Ramadan, Ufone brings free food for the poor in Pakistan. The initiative first started by a young entrepreneur Huzaifa Ahmad of Rizq

Huzaifa Ahmad is an economics student at LUMS. He had a desire to help the poor and offer them free of cost food. This led him to found his startup venture; Rizq.

Huzaifa with his mates, Musa Amir and Qasim Javed learned a way through which excess food from restaurants, wedding meals, other places could be gathered and distributed among the poor of the country.

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The idea first rolled out in 2015 and got the attention of many. And now, Ufone is partnering with the three juveniles to bring free food to the poor.

Ufone would help Rizq to spread their message all across the country and ultimately the globe by buying advertisement spaces on both the electronic media and the digital media.

Ufone announced the news of their new partnership on June 7 at the Pearl Continental Hotel, Lahore. Bloggers, journalists, and other interested parties were present at the occasion and supported the cause with warm wishes.

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On this occasion, Rizq outlined their key mission

decrease food wastage in the society and to feed undernourished people, particularly children

Rizq runs mainly through their Facebook community. The welfare works following two major steps:

  1. Finding the poor
  2. Finding the excess food places/people

The team, after collecting the food, inspect the food items for their best quality, pack them in small packages, and then spread them among the poor living in Pakistan.

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During Ramadan, Rizq aims to provide free food though a daily Iftar arrangement. The team is currently serving around 250 people in a day and aims to reach 2,000 people a day.

As of limited resources, Rizq is still far away from reaching their large goals. They are currently in need of a cold storage van and a cold storage facility. This would help them maintain large quantities of food. People wanting to help the foundation could support them both morally and financially through their Facebook page.

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