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Chinese government is offering Pakistani students Scholarships for intercultural studies

Chinese government has chosen to offer yearly grants to Pakistani students in the subjects of cultural studies. This is a good opportunity for students pursuing research in intercultural studies such as development and communication.

The news broke amid a meeting with Federal Secretary National History and Literary Heritage (NHLH) Division Engineer Aamir Hasan and the Chinese Cultural Counselor You Yi, on Wednesday. The meeting was additionally attended by Joint Secretary NHLH Division Syed Junaid Ikhlaq, Deputy Secretary Nazir Ahmad and different authorities of the division.

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Talking on the event, Chinese Cultural Counselor You Yi said that Chinese government has given a formal endorsement of giving grants to Pakistani understudies and it will bear all their instructive costs. With the summer approaching a lot of students will be looking at options to pursue their masters abroad. This is a perfect opportunity to get knowledge from the world’s leading economies. These grants would be given to Pakistani students one year from now, he briefed.

Chinese Cultural Counselor You Yi said that social bonds amongst China and Pakistan are fortifying with the progression of time which is a living case of everlasting kinship between the two nations.

Chinese government is trying to endorse more cultural understanding in lieu of CPEC

Government Secretary Aamir Hasan and Chinese Cultural Counselor You Yi conceded to building up a ‘Chinese Corner’ at National Library of Pakistan (NLP) for which the courses of action would be made soon. They likewise concurred on organizing presentation of Pakistani ancient pieces in China and consenting to arrangements for participation in exhibition hall area in the not so distant future. It was chosen in the meeting that Pakistan and China would hold hands for the advancement of social activities. They would also investigate more roads of participation in various fields of Fine Arts. Culture is the root of progression and one has to understand others culture in order to form everlasting friendship.

Talking on the event, Engineer Aamir Hassan said that Pakistan and China have are like ‘Iron brothers’ because of their excellent kinship bond.

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He guaranteed that the division would encourage all endeavors to advance social and scholarly relations amongst Pakistan and China. This would fill in as a stimulus to bring two countries nearer. Aamir Hassan underlined on endeavors to decipher Chinese and Pakistani writing in each other’s dialect. He also quoted that the trade of artistic designations would cultivate individual to individual contact.

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