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Choose Comforting Success With Social Media Selling

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We as humans adore comfort & convenience before anything & everything. And when convenience is shared at our fingertips, it’s a delight indeed. 

Believe it or not, Social Media Selling is the way ahead for 2023 and the coming years. As the current generation, we look forward to success with convenience, and in times like that, Social Media Selling is a blessing in disguise!

Be it B2B or B2C, you will be astonished to know that over the last 5 years, instant messengers have become an essential part of customers’ daily lives. According to a report, more than 3 billion people used messaging apps in 2021, increasing their popularity among all app types.

Statistics you cannot afford to miss:

Beyond this, per a Junior Research Report, global mobile business messaging traffic hit 2.7 trillion in 2020. This purely became evident that we want to send messages on our personal & professional fronts. To match the same, companies started re-designing their communication strategies in sync with omnichannel communication platforms, ensuring sales raise and social media selling intact. 

Companies running globally are looking for qualified leads, and to generate sales raise, they need to maintain higher conversion & retention rates. Well, messenger marketing is the spice you need for your brand enhancement. 

Let’s explore messenger marketing’s goals in short: 

1. To generate high-quality leads or total online purchases.  

2. To nurture relationships & convert prospects into consumers.  

3. Re-engaging consumers with a tailor-made approach. 

4. Conduction of market research & feedback. 

5. Notifying & updating consumers regarding the order, delivery status, operating hour updates, and other information.

Marketing Messenger is the game-changer here!  

Read ahead the proven benefits of using Umnico’s Omnichannel Communication Platform for double brand awareness & triple revenue generation. 

1. Leads 

Umnico’s omnichannel communication platform is wired to achieve you leads, nationally & internationally. You can communicate with your customers through various WhatsApp accounts, with the ensured distribution of inquiries & support tickets. 

2. Connect 

With WhatsApp integration, you can connect consumers via one single web application in touch with your CRM. This is the best way of Social Media Selling, wherein customer requests will be attended to well.  

3. Teach to reach 

Teach to reach so that you can attain a qualified lead. After reaching out to a client via WhatsApp, there is no need to add client numbers to your phone as well. With WhatsApp integration with CRM, your brand will have a new way to lure customers. 

4. Sell with no limits. 

They say the sky is the limit, but we want your brand to roar high without delays in sending & receiving messages. You can share any media file, watch videos from chats in the Umnico interface, and share contact directly from a deal card in CRM through WhatsApp.   

5. Relationships for life. 

Your brand should aim at creating lasting relationships with customers. With this social media selling, you can take your sales to raise with clear & consistent communication. 

– Quote messages from customers. 

– Customize template responses for frequently asked questions. 

– Save time & money. 

– Analyze customer communication statistics in Umnico & CRM systems by tracking sales and conversion rates of employees. 
Concludingly, social media selling is the way to sales raise. Delay no more & try it for free on Umnico.com

Alexia Hope

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