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Chrome 87 Update New Features And Apple M1 Optimization: Chrome 87 Beta Available

Chrome 87

Google has released a major update to its Chrome browser. Version 87 contains some new features with which the performance and security of the app have been improved. In addition, the new build has been optimized for Macs with the Apple M1 chip.

The main reason for better performance is that background tabs run scripts at a slower speed. This is to extend the battery life of a laptop. As the search engine company writes in the official blog, the memory management has also been revised so that the browser now uses less RAM. In addition, Google is working on a feature called “Occlusion Track”. This enables the browser to recognize which tabs are visible and which windows are not displayed. The function should help with the correct application of the optimizations.

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With Chrome 87 it is possible to search all open tabs for a specific word. All the user has to do is click on the new arrow in the tab bar. In addition, the address bar of the browser now supports different commands, for example to be able to delete the history with little effort. On the “New Tab” page, the “Cards” were introduced, with which searches can be resumed.

New version available for Apple Silicon

After Apple launched the new Macs with the M1 chip on the market, Google has now also provided a native and optimized ARM version of the Chrome browser. When downloading, Mac users can now choose which build to install. In contrast to the normal x86 version, the native ARM build does not have to be emulated using Rosetta in order to run on the Apple Silicon platform.

The update is distributed in several rollouts

The update to Chrome 87 should be distributed in the coming weeks. As usual, the update is distributed in waves, so that the new functions are not directly available to all users. If there are no problems, it should not take long to complete the distribution. Alternatively, Chrome beta can be used.