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NordVPN Develops A Feature Which Monitors Leaked Data On The Dark Web

Nord VPN

Much user data that was stolen as part of vulnerability or an attack is sold via platforms on the Dark Web. NordVPN has developed a new feature so that an affected user knows about it. The VPN app warns the user of leaked data records.

The provider announced this in an official blog entry. The service’s iOS app now has a so-called Dark Web Monitor. With this, numerous darknet platforms are searched for leaked information that can be linked to the identity of the user. If a match is found, the user is notified immediately so that they can react quickly to the data leak.

The function runs in the background and searches the leaked records for the user’s email address. In the event of a hit, a check is made to see which information is linked to the address. In contrast to services like “Have I been pwned? “, NordVPN automatically warns the user without the user having to start a new query every time. Of course, the Dark Web Monitor does not have the option of monitoring every single Dark Web platform. This means that in some cases it is possible for the data sets to be disseminated without NordVPN or the user noticing.

The feature was built into the iOS app

So far, the Dark Web Monitor has only been integrated into the iOS version of NordVPN. The function should also be available on other platforms at a later date. To use the feature, the latest build of the application should be installed. As usual, the iOS app can be downloaded from the App Store.