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Chrome For Android Gets New Autofill Interface

Chrome New Autofill

The mobile version of the Chrome browser is to be equipped with a new Auto-fill interface. Instead of a dropdown menu, the available options should be placed above the keyboard. Google could roll out the changes with the update to Chrome 85.

For some time now, Chrome for Android has been able to save input from forms. The user can then use this information later with the auto-fill function so that the entries do not have to be made again. Since several forms could have been filled in previously, the available options have so far been shown in a drop-down list. That should change soon.

Transfer to the virtual keyboard

According to a report, Google is currently working on replacing the dropdown menu with a new interface. The autofill option will be moved to the virtual keyboard in the future. To do this, another bar is placed above the keyboard. Not only the available input options are shown here, but also buttons for passwords and credit card data.

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The information is presented in chip elements from the material design. The innovations can already be found in the current Dev and Canary versions of the Android version of the Chrome browser. These are experimental builds in which planned functions are tested. It is likely that the new Autofill interface will be delivered to all users of the Android app with the upcoming update to Chrome 85. The release of the update is expected for August 2020.

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