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Chrome To Implement HTTPS First Instead Of HTTP First In The Browser

Google Chrome

Instead of opening the HTTP version of a website first, Chrome will in the future prefer the encrypted version.

So far, the Chrome browser has tried to open the unencrypted HTTP variant of a typed-in domain first. That should change in a future version. In the future, for example, the browser should call up the HTTPS version of the page after entering Golem.de. If a website does not support TLS encryption, the browser first tries to open the HTTP variant in a second step. First, the blog Ghacks reported it.

The change is definitely appropriate, as a large number of websites and services on the Internet now use TLS encryption. Accordingly, the URL and search bar called Omnibox in Google’s Chrome browser will also use TLS by default. Google calls this “upgraded HTTPS navigations”.

corresponding commit is already in Chromium Gerrit and therefore in the source code of Chromium, the free version of the Chrome browser on which it is based. The change should be published with one of the next Chrome versions. It should also be adopted by the Chromium-based browsers, Opera, and Microsoft Edge, and others. The browser competitor Firefox from Mozilla recently went one step further and offers an option to only open TLS-encrypted websites.

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This option has been offered in the graphical settings since Firefox 83. It was previously possible to activate it in the expert settings (about: config). In addition, the old TLS protocols TLS 1.0 and 1.1 with version 78 have been removed. That should actually have happened at the beginning of last year, but was postponed to the end of last year with reference to the corona pandemic.

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