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Chrome Update For Android Faster With Less Stress On Battery Life

chrome update for android

People who complain about slow browsing on their android devices using Google chrome should stop moaning about it now, Google is going to release a newer update in chrome for android which will enhance its performance. So what android users will get with this update?

Reduced browsing and loading time

Improved video content loading without pausing

Less stress on battery life

Improved playback speed

Google has announced its update for Google chrome during this week or after, this would be Google chrome’s android version (52). Google also says that “HTML5 video is now able to save data in chrome with Chrome data saving mode which would help users to save data by 50% and can play a lighter version of the video.

Chrome issues on Windows

Google is also planning parallel changes in Chrome desktop versions, Chrome’s desktop version might be rolling out next month. Google spokesperson claims in an interview, “We have been working hard to fix chrome issues and already achieved 33% improvement in video playback performance and power consumption in windows 10 early this year. Now with the release of Chrome 53 we are much confident to compete with other browsers in terms of video performance comparable to power consumption”.


Image via: androidpit