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Businesses should make use of Facebook Messenger features to communicate directly

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Facebook is making it easier for your business; people can find and contact you via Facebook messenger by just scanning the code”

Facebook and Facebook Messenger both are powerful tools to connect to the people and businesses in a robust manner. According to the Facebook stats 2016,

more than 900 million people use Facebook messenger for each calendar month.

This communication is not just restricted to Friends and Family in fact,

over 1 billion messages are sent to businesses each month.

Sending messages directly to the businesses is a convenient way of asking questions about products, services, discounts, customer service, appointments, support and others. It is not only convenient for users who wish to ask more about the business they are interested in and initiate talk about their interests but also for the businesses, businesses can connect with more people and make personal connections with those people who are actually interested in their products and services.

Usernames update

Facebook has already released this update to allocate the pages with the usernames; these usernames are based on the actual business name or domain name. People can even search in messenger for these usernames and start chat directly with the business.

As these usernames are unique for every business, people can easily differentiate between businesses even they have relatively common name,

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Messenger Links update

Messenger Code and Messenger links let businesses directly prompt communication. Messenger links uses the username e.g. @researchsnipers and create short memorable Messenger link such as; m.me/username, which can be mentioned anywhere on the web in order to start direct communication with business. When this link is clicked by any user it will open up direct chat with business which is quicker and easier for both parties. Messenger link can be copied and pasted anywhere you wish to by simply from the messages inbox tab of your page.

Messenger Codes

Messenger Codes also work almost similar to the messenger links, a communication thread opens up when someone scans messenger code in their messenger using camera. Businesses can share messenger code on their website, in an advert or campaign to let people talk to the business directly by just scanning the code.

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Welcome and Greetings

Businesses can use this feature to customize their welcome message which will be sent to people before opening a communication thread. In this message Businesses can create occasional greetings, and terms to let people know what types of messages are allowed on the messenger.
This greeting message can be created and edited in page’s message settings.

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