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Chrome’s battery performance is finally improving

Chrome's battery performance

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers used by the internet community. It even surpasses Internet Explorer that is the official browser by Microsoft. Microsoft in the past has been cornering Chrome’s battery performance. It seems that Google Chrome causes excessive battery drainage in computers run by Microsoft operating system. Google has finally hit back at Microsoft for the constant hammering by releasing Chrome 53.

Chrome’s battery performance update and many more

The Verge reports that Google Chrome released for Windows which contains improvements and fixes for the previous bugs and complaints. The browser update by Google also brings forward to the audience, a more objectified and solid design to Windows. Now, it is coupled with a flattering design and iconography.

Chrome is officially programmatically able to remove ~1200 png assets, which they were maintaining before. It enhances their capability to deliver a wide range of PPl configuration. It also gives user the option to disable the material design from under the chrome://flags/.

They have also made wonderful improvements and changes to the performance and battery life. There is also a new dark theme for incognito mode. Chrome has also designed a new color emoji support for Windows 10.

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The improvements of Chrome 53 have brought power consumption enhancement to CPU and GPU for video playback. It has also promised big performance and power overall in the browser. Along the material design, batter improvements, it seems that Chrome has also brought HiDPI improvements.

Google users can not switch to Chrome 53 by going to the help section and to force the update on their browser. Google cast is not built into chrome so users can see websites that aren’t integrated with Cast, by selecting the Cast menu from the Chrome Help.

Google Chrome is finally making changes into Chrome for Windows which is nice, since, it was a long time coming.

Image via Slashgear