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Apple iPhone 7 might not be that special

Apple iPhone 7

Apple iPhone 7 is launching on the 7th of September, 2016. Many users are excited but tech experts believe that the iPhone 7 won’t have anything special to it. Tim Cook the CEO of Apple will be unveiling the iPhone 7 in front of thousands of people in San Francisco which will mark the availability of iPhone 7 in the global market.

The only major alteration that has come forward in the latest iPhone is the removal of the headphone jack. Other than that there are no significant changes that have surfaced relating the new iPhone. The “S” model of the iPhone might have much in store for the users for example, the 2014 iPhone 6 S came in rose color with no changes in technicality from the iPhone 6 model.

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Apple iPhone 7 already branded as “not special” in the market?

It seems very unlikely that people from the tech industry would be eager to switch to the latest iPhone providing that the iPhone has no specific alterations in it.

It does come to the audience knowledge that Apple would be providing more storage space in the low end model and a better camera coupled with better water resistance but these features are highly unlikely to garner more consumers in the tech market.

Samsung released its S7 this year with the latest technologies and curved screen. The phone has already survived the water resistance tests where a user caught in a ship-wreck was able to come to shore with the help of his phone. S7 has already carved out a huge chunk in the market and it appears that Apple’s iPhone 7 might not be able to gather that many sales.

Cnet reports that in April, Apple suffered its first ever drop in iPhone sales and the decline continued to the quarter of the year. It seems that the world has finally gotten over the craze of iPhone.

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  1. iPhone 7 and now Google Pixel…which smartphone is best for us?
    Just purchased the iphone 7 recently from wantITbuyIT. com and now im waiting for google pixel. The battery life is good unless you are doing something that involves a lot of processing power.

    1. Looking at the specs and performance, Pixel is a good choice. I’m going to switch to Pixel as well because the interface and CPU power is terrific. iPhone starts to lag a bit.

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