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Classic Atari Returns To PC And Console


Atari has an eventful history and is now once again heading in a new direction. The company wants to leave behind free mobile games as well as ideas for films and series and now concentrates on high-quality PC and console titles.

What Is Atari’s Future?

Hardly any other name is as connected to early gaming history as Atari. But since it was founded in 1972, the company has gone through countless takeovers, changes of ownership, and renaming. The inevitable consequence: the company’s focus had been realigned again and again over the decades. Such a complete realignment is now pending once more.

As gamesindustry.biz writes, Atari’s board of directors has approved a radical realignment. The key data: The company wants to gradually withdraw from the mobile gaming sector, and plans for films and series based on the catalog are also being abandoned. Blockchain efforts are being pursued under Atari Blockchain, Atari Gaming wants to focus on “premium titles for PC and console”.

Atari CEO Wade J. Rosen, who was only appointed in April, leaves no doubt that he believes the business direction of the past few years has been a mistake: “Our intention in every gaming experience is to provide accessible and joyful moments of meaningful gaming to offer, “says Rosen. “That is the core of Atari and what connects our history with our future. This is why we believe that premium gaming better represents this type of gaming experience and the Atari DNA.”

Radical Change

But of course, business figures also shape this decision. As the company explains, the “competitive and marketing environment for the free-to-play business model” has deteriorated significantly, but successful titles will continue to be operated for the time being. The fates of other games in the catalog, however, are sealed: “Roller Coaster Tycoon Stories, Crystal Castles, Castles & Catapults, Ninja Golf, and Atari Combat: Tank Fury” are either switched off or sold according to gamesindustry.biz.

One does not have to wait long for an initial result of the new efforts. Atari promises that the first games will appear this year, which ends on March 31, 2022. Which Atari game would you like to see in a new premium version? Let us know in the comments.