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Tesla Advertising Makes It To PUBG Mobile Game

Tesla PUBG

The latest update of PUBG Mobile puts Tesla in the spotlight. Indeed, it is possible to drive a Model Y on one of the game’s maps and even to enter a factory. A collaboration that is not really surprising, as Battle Royale games are conducive to this kind of collaboration.

Battle Royale are perfect playgrounds for collaboration or improbable cross-overs. The proof again today with Tesla who arrives in the game PUBG Mobile (PlayerUnknow’s Battlegrounds). Note that this update is not present in the classic version of the title.

So, the latest update adds a bit of surprising content. If you are dropped on the Erangel map, you will find a Tesla Gigafactory in the fields. When you go inside, you’ll notice that there are buttons to activate. Once done, a Tesla Model Y appears and it is possible to drive it. Fun fact, Autopilot is available on the highways of the map, so the car will drive itself to the previously indicated location. Tesla Semi, the carmaker’s heavyweight trucks, have also made their appearance. Driving automatically on the roads of Erangel, they can drop objects if you shoot them.

Note that the presence of the Gigafactory wants to blend into the landscape of Erangel. Indeed, this update wants to “modernize” the famous playground by adding various advanced factories. This is a change from the post-war Eastern European atmosphere that we could see until now.

Fortnite, Warzone, Battle Royale Collaborations

The arrival of Tesla in PUBG Mobile may seem surprising. However, the Battle Royale has accustomed us to this kind of cross-over a little strange. Warzone, for example, has welcomed two emblematic figures of the Hollywood action movies a while ago: John McClane and John Rambo. As for Fortnite… it’s impossible to list all the crossovers because there have been so many. Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Alien, God of War, Neymar, Tomb Raider…PUBG has also experienced this kind of operation, with Resident Evil or Godzilla.