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Coco-Cola vs Vital Tea: The Ad War Has Just Begun

We all would have seen the ad campaign by coke where the leading fizzy drink brand targeted tea brands in Pakistan by saying “Zalima Chai Nahi Coca-Cola Pila day”.

Now Vital Tea advertisement has fired back at Coke and all other fizzy drinks by its ad campaign “Apni Tehzeeb Ki Hifazat Karo”


The concept of Vital Tea Ad is that we should not forget our traditions no matter how much the world changes. The ad clearly calls Coke or other fizzy drinks as black cold and emotionless beverages. There is a comparison made between old times and recent times. How people want new branded clothes, all the time listening to headphones, not saying Salaam to elders and then subtly the comparison is made between Coke and Chai. The ad further says that instead of going for an emotionless drink, one should make tea in the home for guests. It is traditional and emotional. By adding Desi-traditional touch to Chai, the ad becomes relatable.

Before Vital tea, Lipton also launched an ad in which their tagline was “PAKISTANIS LOVE CHAI. ZALIMA..NICE TRY”. So a war has been started between Chai brands and fizzy drink brands.

We can’t compare the two brands, each has its own place in the market. But if one brand starts a war of comparison, the other won’t keep quiet. Vital tea advertisement clearly indicates it.

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One does wonder though how can Chai and fizzy drinks be compared? Chai is a necessity all the time, every time for Pakistanis whereas Fizzy drinks are a luxury we like to enjoy time to time. A comparison between Chai and Coffee is understandable or Pepsi and Coco-cola but Chai and fizzy drinks war is hard to digest.