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You will now try apps before downloading: Google Play Store

Google now lets you try out apps first before you actually download them on your phones. Thanks to Google’s new update in Play Store.

You must have downloaded tons of apps and then used them, but it happens a lot when you decide not to keep the app on your phone after just using it for a while. You have gone all through that mess of downloading and installing after you know it’s not worth it keeping the app on your phone.

But now you can try apps on Play Store before downloading them on your phone, its save a lot of time and energy.

Google as first announced “Android Instant Apps” in 2016 at its developer conference, Google made “Android Instant Apps” available to all developers this May. You can access by tapping “Try It Now” shown on the app which is eligible to try.

But the feature is currently under development phase at the moment and there are only a handful of apps listed in the “Try Now Apps” section.

You can visit try now apps page , a small selection of apps are listed on this URL including New York Times, Skyscanner, BuzzFeed, Redbull TV, ShareTheMeal and OneFootball.

As part of Google’s commitment to raising the quality and standard of Play Store, Google has taken quite a few very important measures, first, the apps on the store would be ranked based on the quality and performance of the app from the developers perspective. Second, Google has recently announced a new “Bounty Program” which enables hackers to find flaws in popular third-party apps on the Play store. And the third development is to introduce “Try Now” button in apps where people can try apps before downloading.

Google seems to be enhancing “Try Now” feature in the near future and it may implement it for all the apps available on the Play Store.