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Colorful Balloons App: Facebook testing the photo sharing app in China

Facebook has quietly launched a photo sharing app in China named Colorful Balloons, despite the social networking sites are banned in China, according to a report on New York Times.

The new app Colorful Balloons copy’s the look of Facebook’s Moments app, the moments app also let users share photos with friends and family. The major difference in the Colorful Balloons app in China is that it will interact with Chinese famous social app Wechat rather than interacting with Facebook’s database.

The photo sharing app is launched in China with the collaboration of local company named Younge Internet Technology. Facebook’s strategy is to keep the giant’s branding away from the new app and keep low profile popularity internationally. Facebook hopes the app would get wide spread popularity under Facebook’s brand.

China banned both Facebook and WhatsApp a month ago in China, since then the social giant is finding the way to keep intact with the world’s biggest market in one way or another. Facebook’s CEO Zuckerberg also reportedly had meetings with Chinese authorities to work it out.

According to Times, Tech giants like Facebook, Google, Twitter and others are working effortlessly to keep their foothold in China, they cannot afford to lose the market of 700 million internet users, its not clear that Chinese authorities are aware of the Facebook efforts to regain its position in the market, nor Chinese authorities responded to the request of times to comment on it.

Some critics and probably Chinese would see the rollout as an effort to launch social media networking site in China under new umbrella, but times says that Facebook is trying different ways how Chinese share information on the internet with their friends and interact on social media sites, they are merely focusing on learning more about country, Facebook said directly to verge that it is trying to help Chinese business and developers to focus on international market through their ads.