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Many Pakistani government websites hacked by Indian hackers


Official sites of many Pakistani services, including Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Works and others have been hacked and destroyed by Indian programmers, as news surfaces.

It is yet uncertain if mail servers and other back-end information, that may contain essential data, is additionally hacked or not. Specialists say that it is improbable that email information of these services is hacked as a considerable measure of Pakistani government workplaces utilize third part cloud email arrangements.

It must be specified here that Pakistani hackers amass were active in the morning and they had succeeded with regards to hacking a few sites, in any case, in striking back Indian programmers have left many Pakistani sites hacked and ruined.

 Anticipate a hackers war soon

For the individuals who don’t have the foggiest idea, Pakistani and Indian programmers are typically discovered active amid Independence Day to commend their separate national days by hacking cross-outskirt sites.

 On the off chance that reacted by Pakistani programmers — which is likely — this may leave hands and hundreds or even a great many sites from the two sides of fringe may wind up in hands of programmers.

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