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Congress Party takes Netflix to court over Sacred Games show

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Netflix is being taken to court  in India and requested to erase certain “offensive scenes” and comments about previous Prime Minister Rajiv Ghandi in its original series, Sacred Games. The Delhi High court is considering an appeal documented by Nikhil Bhalla against Netflix, which is creating Sacred Games as its first Indian original series. Bhalla is an individual from the opposition Congress party, which Ghandi led until his death in 1991.

Sacred Games is set in Mumbai and looks at the coarse black market and governmental issues scene in that city. It bowed for the current month and depends on a 2006 novel by Vikram Chandra

Gandhi is alluded to as a “fattu,” a Hindi slang word for coward, in one scene considered offensive. As he shakes hands with world pioneers, a voice-over discusses his pacification of Muslims for a situation including divorce rights for Muslim ladies.

“The show ‘Sacred Games’ has inappropriate dialogues, political attacks and even speeches, which are derogatory in nature and harms the reputation of the former Prime Minister Shri Rajiv Gandhi,” the petition said.

Gandhi became prime minister after his mother Indira was assassinated in 1984. His son, Rahul Gandhi, is the current party president.

Netflix has been asked to delete any derogatory remarks made directly or indirectly against Rajiv Gandhi or his family. “We cannot afford to, in the name of freedom of speech allow anything to be beamed in every home without regard to its impact on society,” the petition said.

India heavily censors its movies and television, but does not censor Internet content.

Netflix’s Indian operation has not yet responded to the petition.

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