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Apple invests in China $300 million on green energy

APPLE INVESTS $300 IN CHINA: The Chinese government is quite serious about growing pollution threat in China, the government has set the priority to fight pollution, they are also putting pressure on local and international firms to participate reducing high levels of smog in its major cities and clean the country’s waterways and polluted soil.

The US smartphone giant Apple has made the investment of $300 million on green energy, the iPhone maker’s investment is made available along with 10 suppliers including Pegatron Corp and Wistron Corp over the next four years, the decision also comes when the United States and China are confronting over trade.

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The CEO of Apple Tim Cook has urged Washington and Beijing to avoid confrontation as they are the two largest economies of the world, the trade war slapping tariffs on each other in reaction would only result in chaos.

The US smartphone giant manufactures its most of the products in China which are then shipped around the globe including the United States. Apple has high stakes in China for the two major reasons. First: China is the cost-effective, labor-intensive and quality oriented operations base for Apple, second: it is one of the major markets for Apple after the United States.

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However, Apple is facing fierce challenges by local smartphone rivals such as Huawei, Oppo, and Xiaomi.

Apple’s move to push renewable energy at broader level shows Apple’s commitment to comply with the country’s priorities and work together to achieve a single goal, earlier this year Apple announced that its global facilities were fully powered by clean energy.

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