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Copyright Match Tool: YouTube stolen videos can be checked now by creators

YouTube is reportedly launching a new tool for video creators, the tool will enable them to check whether their videos are stolen and someone else has posted their videos with their name.

Now if someone has uploaded the video on YouTube the feature will scan the video and check if there is any video similar to the one being uploaded already exists, However, the tool will only identify the complete video, not the clips.

Another important thing about the feature is that the tool is named “Copyright Match Tool” will only be available to the creators having more than 100,000 subscribers initially, however, YouTube will roll out the feature to other creators later. The first rollout for channels having 100,000 or more subscribers will begin next week.

YouTube said it will start rolling out the feature/tool for other creators in the next following months; it might take few months to get this tool for small channels.

YouTube Channel owner/creators while using the tool will be notified if the copies of their videos uploaded on YouTube from other accounts, they can then decide what action to take against the copy, either do nothing, directly contact the uploader or ask YouTube to remove the video from the platform on their behalf.

Creators have to be very careful while disseminating their content on the internet, the tool identifies the original creator who first posts the video on YouTube, this means if the original creator had the video uploaded on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other platform and someone else copied and posted in on YouTube before the original creator, YouTube will consider the video belongs to the person who uploaded it first, now if you upload your video later you will be penalized under the YouTube copyright act.

YouTube had a similar program “Content ID”, which helps copyright owners find people who are copying and reusing their content without permission, However, the Content ID was more limited, unlike the new tool.

The best part is: the new tool allows original owners to monetize unauthorized users of their work. If you are not worried about the name tag on your videos and only worried about income, you can monetize all your content despite it has been stolen.