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Microsoft is updating Notepad after years

Microsoft has decided to change the look, feel and features of Windows default Notepad since many users install different third-party Notepads for various purposes, Microsoft has finally decided to update Notepad after many years.

With the next Windows 10 update, Microsoft will send an update to Notepad which are highly requested additions, Microsoft has heard the voices of Windows 10 users who use Notepad frequently for development, logs, text-manipulations etc.

Zoom in and Zoom out text in Notepad

Now after the update, users will be able to zoom in and zoom out the text written on Notepad by holding down the Ctrl key and using the mouse wheel to zoom in and out. This feature will provide ease to readers reading complex text. For instance, in the line of coding, you may find special characters, dots, and commas that you may not be able to see without zooming.

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Unix/Linux Macintosh support

The company is also going to add support for Unix/Linux line endings, (LF) also Macintosh line endings (CR) in the Notepad. When the word wrap is enabled users would be able to see line and column numbers as well, similar to Notepad ++.


Ctrl+backspace is also supported in the next Notepad update, users will be able to delete the previous word in Notepad by simply hitting both keys together. Microsoft has also improved the performance for large files, you might have witnessed in the Notepad earlier that it becomes unresponsive when you paste large text files in it, not now, you will see improved performance and real-time responsiveness.

Search On Bing

Another great feature is that users would be able to search specific words on Bing search by simply right-clicking the word in Notepad and go to new option for search. While the company is updating its Windows console, Notepad update followed, this happened in the last 20 years and a surprise addition of the Linux command line to Windows 10.

The new Microsoft update has a codename “Redstone 5” which also carries Notepad update, the update is expected to hit the computers later this year. Microsoft is currently finalizing the next major Windows 10 update. It’s worth mentioning that the update will not include the popular tabs (sets) feature for apps and file explorer.