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CPU-Z Free hardware analysis for Windows


With the download from CPU-Z, you can read out the detailed information and real-time data on the CPU, graphics card, mainboard, and main memory of the PC. The compact freeware solution is characterized by a clear user interface. The performance of the processor can also be tested in CPU-Z with a benchmark. Version 1.99 of the tool is currently available for download.

CPU-Z download & installation

CPU-Z is only a few megabytes in size and therefore requires little hard disk space. When started, the tool automatically performs brief system analysis and then displays the information it has collected in a structured overview. Note: Older versions of the software wanted to set up a toolbar on the PC during installation. This is no longer included in the current versions, but users should pay attention to a corresponding note in the installation routine and remove any options that are not desired.

RAM info: Read out work memory with CPU-Z

CPU-Z makes it easy to get a quick overview of the components used in the system. The practical diagnostic program summarizes all information about the CPU, cache, mainboard, memory, and SPD of the RAM module in suitable registration cards. The authenticity of the information is to be verified through an integrated validation process. Under the heading CPU, users will first find the name and code name of the processor. In addition, information is given on the manufacturer, timing, multiplier, number of cores, and the applied voltage. With the mainboard, CPU-Z can determine the manufacturer, the BIOS version, the chipset (Northbridge and Southbridge), and the built-in graphics interface. When reading out RAM, the tool provides information on frequencies and timings. The manufacturer and serial number can also be queried via SPD (Serial Presence Detect).

Which RAM is installed? CPU-Z knows

With extensions, it is possible to export the data determined by the CPU-Z as a text or HTML file. The user can determine which data should be output and receive, for example, a list of the mainboard components, which also provides information about the register assignment. If you want to know exactly what is in your own computer, CPU-Z provides a quick but comprehensive overview of the CPU, cache, mainboard, memory, and RAM components. The Windows and DirectX versions are also checked.

PC Info Tool with benchmark

There is also no need to forego a benchmark function. With this, the single-core and multi-core performance of the built-in CPU can be tested and compared with other models.