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Heart, temperature & more: Smart lightbulbs monitor your health

A smart lamp was presented at CES 2022 that clearly outshines other smart models. Sengled’s lamps should be able to provide comprehensive health monitoring, including heart rhythm and temperature.

Heart rhythm, temperature & more, all tracked by the lighting

An exciting product for those who want new, comprehensive tracking options, a real nightmare for anyone who does not want to be closely monitored in their own four walls. In addition to the countless more or less clever lighting products, which are also vying for attention again at CES 2022, Sengled can definitely find a place in the limelight with the “Smart Health Monitoring Light” – something like “Intelligent Health Monitoring Light” to back up.

This attention has been earned above all with the statement that the light source, similar to many fitness trackers and smartwatches, can provide comprehensive monitoring of biometric data. According to the developers, the smart health light can be ideally used in bedrooms, for example, to monitor the quality of sleep. Sengled attaches great importance to emphasize that the light bulb uses “completely non-invasive sensors” to record vital parameters. Instead of the widespread passive infrared sensors (PIR), an unspecified radar sensor is used here. Among other things, it should have the advantage of being able to determine values ​​through clothing and with greater precision.

As a surveillance network

Really comprehensive health tracking in the entire apartment is then given by the possibility of connecting several of the “Smart Health Monitoring Lights” to a network via Bluetooth. According to Kenneth Camp, Director of Product Innovation at Sengled, this can create a virtual map of the home that can help identify human behavior precisely. “It could even tell if someone has fallen,” said Camp The Verge. The lamp for health tracking is currently still in development, but the company is certain that it will be ready for the market by the fourth quarter of the year. Tracking, light, heart rate, Ces 2022, monitoring, Sengled Sengled