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Crypto Scammers Hacked Trump’s Campaign Website

In the final of the presidential election campaign in the USA, unknown persons succeeded in hijacking the Trump team’s campaign side. It doesn’t even seem like a particularly sophisticated attack was necessary.

At least that is what the result suggests. It essentially consists of a rather crude attempt to steal cryptocurrency units, as a report by US magazine TechCrunch shows. For this purpose, a layer was placed over the campaign website with an injected JavaScript code, which at first glance simply simulated a badly made confiscation report from the US authorities.

In the text contained therein, it was then claimed that extensive secret information from the environment of US President Donald Trump was learned. Evidence has now been obtained from internal communication, for example, according to which the Trump administration was involved in the development of the coronavirus. And also about how the president wants to manipulate the coming elections with the help of foreign actors.

Plump but logical

The alleged content that was accessed could be published. However, the users should vote on it by transferring units of the cryptocurrency Monero to a pro or a contra account. Depending on which wallet has the highest inputs, the vote should then end.

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The whole thing is of course just a very clumsy attempt by the attackers to replenish their own Monero stocks. However, the whole thing is not devoid of a certain logic. Because the scam corresponds pretty well to the image of the clichéd Trump supporter. The conspiracy theories, which they always like to believe, are conveyed in a similar style and readily accepted. In this respect, it is quite possible that the matter has brought at least a small success.