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Cyber-Attack Threats Increases in Pakistan

There has been a warning issued of ever-increasing cyber-attack threats in Pakistan. An IT and Telecom study group has given this warning and stressed the need for better cybersecurity. In order to secure the infrastructure and economy of the country against any likely cyber-attack steps are necessary.

As the cyberspace is expanding, there are more chances of cyber-attacks in the country that might damage the economy and national integrity of Pakistan.

The yearly loss to the global economy in the year 2017 was Rs49.8 trillion. In 2019 it is expected that this loss will increase to Rs221 trillion. In order to fight against this, a collective effort is required.

At the 61st Meeting of SDPI’s Study Group on “Information Technology and Telecommunications,” these concerns were expressed.  This meeting was organized by Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI).

Dr. Abid Qaiyum Suleri the SDPI Executive Director said that cybersecurity is not a traditional security threat. He said, “We are living in fourth industrial revolution era, where securing the cyber space and preparedness to hovering cyber threats is a matter of great concern.”

Adding that in a more technology-oriented world, “we should have both military as well as civilian cyber command to cope with the growing cyber security threats. To ensure individual privacy and security from cyber-attackers, we must act now.”

SDPI Senior Advisor Brig. (Retd) Mohammad Yasin said that the cyber-security threats will only grow. He expressed his concerns saying, “The expanding cyber space is making it easier for attackers to target infrastructure and services.”

Last year the terrible  WannaCry ransomware Cyber-attack has now entered in Pakistan as well. The global attack by hackers that infected 300,000 computers in 150 countries, has reached a Pakistani government owned insurance firm.

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Then this year Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Sindh Zone has launched a website for reporting cybercrime incidents. The aim of the website is to help people who become victims of ever-increasing cybercrime issues.