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How to operate your PC’s mouse through your Android Mobile Phone

WiFi Mouse is a very utilitarian app for the Android users which is easily available on Google Play Store for free. With the help of this app, you can fully control your PC’s mouse through your Android device.

Sometimes you must have to come close to your PC for just one or a couple of clicks, which is very hectic. This app will help you to use PC’s mouse through the mobile device.

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To avail the service you have to follow the steps;

Step 1: Go to Google’s Play Store and install the app on the mobile device

Step 2: Grab your PC’s keyboard and navigate to this link (http://wifimouse.necta.us) and click on download this app

Step 3: Download the mouse server for windows

Step 4: After completion of download open the downloaded program and install it on your PC

Step 5: After the installation, click the Mouse Server icon and open it, and note down the IP address mentioned in the program’s windows

Step 6: Enter the IP address into the bar available on the mobile device or directly click on the system [having mouse server installed] shown in the application

Now use the mouse and enjoy.

NOTE: To use WiFi Mouse your mobile and PC should be connected to the same network (WiFi). Suppose, you don’t have a WiFi connection available at the time and you want to use the WiFi Mouse. You have to turn on your mobile WiFi hotspot connect your PC with your mobile network and enjoy the app.