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DDR5 RAM Becoming More Expensive Than Average

Samsung 14nm DDR5 DRAM

It was already known that DDR5 will be more expensive than its predecessor. Now MSI provides an initial assessment of how much deeper customers have to dig into their pockets. Accordingly, a price increase between the generations of up to 60 percent is to be expected.

DDR5 will initially be more expensive than average

With the current advances in processors, a generation change is also taking place in the main memory. Assuming the right hardware, you will be able to use the new DDR5 standard in addition to DDR4, which, as usual, enables performance increases through higher speed – the DDR4 specification goes up to 3200, with DDR5 this value goes up to 6600. Future users will have to do this also be worth significantly more.

MSI recently launched a blog post on its homepage that provides information on the differences between the RAM generations. As the manufacturer analyzes, the price increase for new storage technologies usually averages 30 to 40 percent. “This time, however, DDR5 contains additional components that have further increased costs. Therefore, we expect a price premium of 50 to 60% compared to DDR4 when it is launched,” says MSI.

Similarly expensive after two years

However: The manufacturer is certain that after an above-average start of DDR5, the usual market mechanisms will still come into play, which ensures that prices normalize: “As a rule, it takes about 2 years for prices to be the same as previous generations have been achieved, and we assume that the trend will also be similar for DDR5 modules. “

In its analysis, MSI refers to Kingston’s DDR5 modules, which are expected along with Intel’s next-generation CPUs. It will be interesting to see how the various memory module manufacturers position themselves here. At the start, however, the desire for DDR5 will in any case be associated with significant additional costs compared to the predecessor.