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Death Of Adobe Flash In 2020, Decided

It seems that as technology is ruling the world, companies are one by one throwing their old, loved and most used software into the garbage. We all heard about MS Paint and now, the death bell is ringing for Adobe Flash.

Adobe has decided to end Flash by 2020. Currently, the company has concluded plans to end updates and distributions of Flash Player. It is being encouraged that Flash users transfer their work in other formats like HTML5, WebGL, and WebAssembly. It is believed that these new formats are better technically and in functionality as compared to Flash. Many of the Flash Plugins used by consumers have been integrated into the browsers; bring ease for the users once Flash extinct.

Many technology tycoons like Facebook, Apple, Mozilla, Microsoft, and Google also partnered with Adobe in this decision. As an alternative to Flash, Apple has offered WebKit. Flash was not supported in Apple devices even before this decision was made and Apple users stopped using Flash from 2010 when the app was not pre-installed anymore. Now if Mac users try installing flash, restrictions are put on it by Safari.

In Google Chrome, users would be asked permission to run Flash content until the player gets completely removed in 2020. Microsoft would to an extent remove support of Flash in Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer and completely eradicate it by 2020. At the same time, Mozilla would disable Flash by 2019 and those users who use Firefox Extended Support Release will have access to Flash by 2020.

Rumors were circulating for quite a time about the death of Flash. The date was not decided. We know the date now, so users transfer your data before you lose it.

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