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UK Will Fight Air Pollution By Banning Diesel And Petrol Vehicles From 2040

From the year 2040, all new diesel and petrol vehicles would be banned from the UK. Reason being, UK wants to fight air pollution that is increasing day by day.

A £255m fund will be revealed by Minister to aid councils in combating emissions and pollutions emitted from diesel vehicles.

After that a strategy would be presented by the government before High court, to clean environment by promoting electric cars. As per the campaigners’ measures put forward were encouraging but more detail work is necessary.

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In the legal battle, the government was asked to produce more detailed plans to fight the dangerous pollutant nitrogen dioxide. The Judge approved campaigner’s point of view that the plans presented currently are not enough to tackle pollution.

Michael Gove, Environment Secretary said that £200m would be given to regional officials to formulate plans and cater high pollution roads.  He told the Today programme that the government is asking local authorities to formulate an imaginative solution to the issues. It isn’t as easy as it seems.

He was asked if drivers would be charged for using certain vehicles to which he replied that this won’t be necessary. They will work with the local officials and come up with the most appropriate solution.

The measures required at the local level include changing vehicle services, making them cleaner, altering road layouts, changing features like speed humps and working on street lights that ensure traffic operates in a better way.

As per the industry trade body, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders they couldn’t possibly put a ban on diesel as the industry would get hurt due to it. At the moment demand for alternatively fuelled vehicles is rising but not speedily.

What industry wants is to give facilities to consumers to buy these cars. This is extremely important for the survival of our own species in an ever increasing polluted world.