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Dell reveals the second-gen Concept Nyx: the gaming controller

Nyx is a new form of a gaming controller. It was introduced by Dell in 2022. The Nyx controller can be connected to a gaming server. It provides users with an easier gaming experience within their space. The most interesting fact about this device is that you can play games on all screens with just one controller. Moreover, users can even enjoy two games simultaneously.

As of now, Dell has shared the second version of Concept Nyx. Similar to the first version, this version is also restricted to just a concept. Thus, indicating that the company is not planning for selling the product. However, it will still be presented as a concept for forthcoming gaming controllers.

Given the 2022 version, Nyx is more than a controller. For fully utilizing the Nyx services, the users are required to ensure that their home network is connected to a server. The device Concept Nyx is a combination of various tricks. It has a fingerprint sensor that detects the biometrics and instantly opens up the last game played by the user. This is quite a useful feature specifically if the device has more than one user. furthermore, customizable buttons, as well as triggers, are also provided.

Users can reallocate the buttons of the device according to their choice. an intelligent overlay provides the users with instructions and functions of the buttons as per each game. Let us say a user reallocates the jump button in Horizon Zero Dawn to Y rather than A, then the user won’t be required to remember the position since the on-screen controls will adjust accordingly.

In addition to this, shift buttons for the purpose of doubling the front buttons are also provided. It indicates that the A button could perform two different functions. A scroll wheel similar to a mouse wheel and a touchpad is also present.

Sadly, Dell has no plans of bringing this product to the market. Although it has to keep up with the introduction of the concept for straight two years. We can hope that soon we come across anything similar to this concept.

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