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Home server instead of cloud gaming: Alienware introduces “Concept Nyx”


While Microsoft, Google and Nvidia are bringing more and more games to the cloud, Alienware is trying to strengthen local PC gaming with the “Concept Nyx”. To do this, you work on a game server for your own four walls, which streams up to four games in parallel to end devices. Contrary to the current trend, the Alienware research department does not seem to see cloud gaming as the future for computer and console games. On the occasion of the CES 2022, the gaming division of the PC manufacturer Dell is granting a preview of its new “Concept Nyx”, a game server that currently has many question marks behind it. The aim is to create a local game cloud in the home network through which up to four games can be streamed simultaneously to smartphones, tablets, PCs, smart TVs and the like.

Interesting concept with likely high acquisition costs

The greatest advantages are likely to be the availability and the technical requirements. With a local game server, gamers can create a personal game collection (almost) independently of the available Internet connection and bandwidth, as well as services such as Google Stadia, Nvidia GeForce Now or Xbox Cloud Gaming, which can be shared with several people in the household in parallel and on a wide variety of devices or even on a single device in the split screen (e.g. Smart TV) can be used. With the “Concept Nyx” server, according to Alienware, lower latencies can be achieved than with comparable cloud gaming services and the store libraries of different providers (e.g. Steam, Origin, Ubisoft etc.) can be combined. Four local streams for games from Rocket League to Minecraft to Cyberpunk 2077 – this requires a correspondingly large amount of power. However, the manufacturer has so far remained silent on this subject. There is currently no information available about the hardware used in the inconspicuous prototype.

Alienware states that it will continue to work on the “Concept Nyx” and will release additional details at a later date. In the end, however, the price should decide whether gamers opt for their own home server with likely potent and expensive gaming hardware as an alternative to desktop PCs, consoles or cloud services. See also: gaming, hacker, security, hack, surveillance, developer, development, computer, keyboard, cyber glasses, cybercrime, cybersecurity, stock photos, hacker attack, cybercrime, code, programmer, comic, future, cyberwar, coder, professional gamer, weapon , Cyber ​​attack, nerd, video surveillance, computer gamer, future, cyber espionage


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