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Discord for Xbox: New voice chat available for all players now

After several weeks of beta, Discord Voice Chat is now available to all Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One owners as an alternative to Xbox Party Chat. (Group) calls and voice channels from all Discord servers are simply transferred to the Xbox. With the new Discord Voice feature, Microsoft is breaking down what is likely to be the last hurdles that have built up between console and PC gamers over the years.

With crossplay functions and the possibility of using a cross-device in-game chat in many games, the course had already been set beforehand, but the respective communities have so far remained among themselves. Discord should now form the common denominator, at least as far as voice chat is concerned.

Native Discord app still missing

Although Xbox players still have to do without a native Discord app, voice chats can now be transferred from the mobile Discord app to the Xbox. This applies both to direct calls (individually or as a group) and to the use of voice channels on all Discord servers. To link, a connection must be established between the Discord app and the Xbox Series X/S or Xbox One. To do this, follow the comparatively simple instructions that are displayed in the “Parties & Chats” options of the consoles.

Minor limitations over Xbox chat

As Microsoft notes in its guide, Discord voice chat comes with a few limitations compared to Xbox Party chat. Among other things, it is not possible to invite players to a game or join another player’s ongoing session. Likewise, Xbox friends cannot be invited to a Discord voice channel, players must use the Discord mobile app to do this. The same applies if you want to change language channels or set up calls again.

After all, Microsoft makes it possible to adjust the volume of individual Discord users directly on the Xbox, mute them, and manage various audio options. In addition, the overlay known from the PC can be activated so that players can see who is speaking. Ultimately, the mobile Discord app is only needed if you want to change the language channel or end the gaming session.