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Discord for Xbox: Microsoft starts the public beta

Microsoft is making the new Discord voice chat for Xbox consoles available to more players. As of now, the integration can be used not just by a handful of Insiders, but by the entire beta channel. This way everyone gets the chance to try out the function. In times of crossplay gaming, integrating Discord on Xbox consoles is worth its weight in gold.

The announcement came as a relative surprise. After Sony took a stake in Discord and was promised a suitable PlayStation 5 app, the acquisition of the company Microsoft had previously sought was deemed expired. Now the Redmonders jump on the bandwagon before the Japanese. Xbox Insiders get Discord voice chat integration So far, Discord’s voice chat connectivity has only been tested in the Alpha and Alpha Skip Ahead rings, which are only available to a manageable number of Xbox Insiders.

However, as Microsoft is now announcing, the feature is now also available in the beta channel. With build 2208.220722-2000 released last night, all interested players can now equip their Xbox Series X, Series S, or Xbox One with Discord. In addition to the latest beta firmware, which can be downloaded via the Xbox Insider Hub app on the consoles, the Discord and Xbox mobile apps on the smartphone or tablet are also required to start the installation. Microsoft offers the following way.

Discord Voice: How to Participate in the Public beta?

  • Download the latest versions of the Discord Mobile App and the Xbox Mobile App.
  • Note: On Android, you need to download the Discord beta app. You can do this in advance or you will be prompted to do so in the steps.
  • Open the guide on your Xbox and go to the “Parties & Chats” tab.
  • Click the button “Try Discord Voice on Xbox!” and scan the QR code with your mobile phone. This is a signal to Discord that you are an Xbox Insider!
  • Follow the instructions in the Discord mobile app to link your accounts (you’ll need to do this even if you’ve already linked Xbox and Discord).
  • Follow the instructions in the Discord mobile app to join a conversation and transfer the audio to your console!

No standalone app is available yet

All calls and voice channels are currently forwarded to Xbox at the touch of a button from Discord only. However, a completely independent app is not yet available. Nevertheless, Microsoft is laying the groundwork for an alternative to Xbox voice chat, which should also be available when other players join game sessions via crossplay with their PC, PS5, or Nintendo Switch. It is not yet known when Microsoft will release the Discord integration for all Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One owners outside of the beta channel.

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