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Disney+ App is coming with 4K and HDR playback on the PS5


The PlayStation 5 has been on the market for around two years, and Disney+ has been available in the US for even longer. Nevertheless, the streaming service on the PS5 is only now getting a revised app that supports features such as 4K resolution and High Dynamic Range (HDR). If you own a PlayStation 5, you probably also have a modern television.

This assumption is quite logical because after all, operating a PS5 on an old TV makes little sense. Because “using” the graphical advantages of the current Sony console such as resolution, HDR and other next-gen improvements on an older 1080p TV is a bit like driving a Ferrari in a 30 zone: It works, but that’s not the point.

Still, it took Disney almost two years to develop a PS5-worthy app, which has now been released for the Sony console. The new application replaces the previous app, which was no more than the PS4 version, which was carried over to the PlayStation 5.

Native Disney app for the PS5

The new version was developed natively for the PS5, so Disney and the media company also praised itself accordingly: “An important part of our global expansion strategy is to meet customers where they are. That’s why we’re excited to have both Disney+ and improve Star Plus for PlayStation 5 users as well,” said Disney executive in charge of streaming product and design, Jerrell Jimerson.

The platform’s support for 4K HDR video streaming will also enhance the viewing experience for fans, continued Jimerson. That’s certainly no understatement, but as expected, the Disney exec didn’t mention why it took so long.

Nevertheless, one can and must say “finally” at this point, because competitors like Netflix and Amazon have been offering 4K/HDR apps for the PS5 for a long time.