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PlayStation 5 Is The Most Power-Hungry Among Consoles

Many consoles are not exactly economical in terms of power consumption. Like the graphic based on a study by colleagues from Eurogamer shows, the next-gen consoles in particular are real power guzzlers. Above all, the PlayStation 5 (PS5) – consumes around 219-kilowatt hours of electricity when operated for three hours a day.

The Xbox Series X achieves around 197-kilowatt hours with the same length of use. This is not surprising, since the new consoles also have the greatest computing power. Projected over the year, gaming on the PS5 causes electricity costs of around 92 euros at an underlying average price of 42 cents per kilowatt hour. For Series X, the costs are estimated at 82.80 euros.

Console                          Operation          Media            Menu            Standby

PS4140-150 Watt100 Watt80-90 Watt0,5 – 15 Watt
PS4 Slim75-80 Watt55 Watt50 Watt0,5 – 15 Watt
PS4 Pro165 Watt85-90 Watt75 Watt0,5 – 15 Watt
PS5160 – 220 Watt70 – 75 Watt47 Watt0,3 – 3 Watt
Xbox One120 – 125 Watt78 Watt69 Watt0,5 – 15 Watt
Xbox One S64 – 120 Watt33 – 65 Watt55 – 60 Watt0,5 – 11 Watt
Xbox One X125-185 Watt80 Watt79 Watt0,5 – 15 Watt
Xbox Series S74 – 160 Watt30 – 40 Watt30 Watt0,4 – 10 Watt
Xbox Series X153 – 210 Watt48 – 70 Watt30 – 48 Watt0,5 – 13 Watt
Nintendo Switch7 Watt6 Watt3 Watt0,3 – 0,5 Watt
Nintendo Switch OLED6 Watt5 Watt3 Watt0,3 – 0,5 Watt
Steam Deck15 – 45 Watt
Gaming-Laptop180 – 280 Watt
Gaming-PC450 – 800 Watt
Monitor16 – 200 Watt
Smart-TV100 – 200 Watt

The Nintendo Switch, on the other hand, is particularly energy-efficient. The hybrid console consumes only about eight-kilowatt hours per year in stationary mode. Nintendo’s flagship OLED upgrade is even more economical. Switch gamers, therefore, pay around two to three euros a year for the electricity consumption of their hobby.

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