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Disney+ Beats Netflix In Streaming Service

Disney+ is celebrating its birthday this week, the streaming service made its debut in the USA three years ago, and half a year later it was time for us too. And the offer is also going well, as the entertainment giant has announced.

At the start, Disney + set itself rather modest goals, because the media group originally calculated that it could win between 60 and 90 million subscribers by 2024. This number has long since been reached and even exceeded by far. The company’s fourth fiscal quarter (August to October 2022) added 12.1 million new customers, The Walt Disney Company announced (PDF).

According to Yahoo Finance, it was possible to clearly exceed the expectations of the analysts because the stock market experts had predicted three million fewer subscribers. At Disney, however, there are two numbers, because the group also calculates the total number of all streaming customers, including those from Hulu and ESPN +, in addition to the values ​​​​of Disney +. A total of 14.6 million subscriptions could be added to the three offers.

Disney+ gained 164 million subscribers

Disney+ is and will remain the group’s most important service, which currently has 164 million subscribers. If you add up Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+, that’s 236 million subscribers.

The latter is a remarkable number because, with this value, the Disney group was not only able to catch up with the market leader, but also to overtake it. Because Netflix was recently able to announce 223 million subscribers. This is of course a rather limping comparison, but it still shows that Disney is growing and Netflix is ​​struggling with problems or has reached its maximum.

However, not everything is bliss at Disney: Despite the increase in subscription numbers, losses in the streaming division rose from around $ 0.8 billion to $ 1.5 billion. This was mainly due to higher production and technology costs and an increase in marketing costs.