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DNS Problems Faced In Microsoft Current Windows Server Updates

Microsoft now confirms a new known issue in recent Windows Server updates. A problem with the DNS stub zone can cause DNS resolution issues. To solve the problem, the group uses the automatic fix via the rollback function. According to those on the Windows Health Dashboard According to published details, this known issue only occurs after installing updates released after January 25th. The error can lead to loading errors. To the best of our knowledge, only Windows Server 2019 is affected.

About Windows Health Dashboard

“After installing updates released on January 25, 2022 (KB5009616) and later on affected versions of Windows Server with the DNS Server role, DNS stub zones may not load correctly, which may cause DNS name resolution failed,” explains Microsoft.

The other two Windows updates that can cause these DNS resolution issues are KB5010427 (released February 15) and KB5011551 (released March 22). After the DNS issues, Microsoft is now launching the “Known Issue Rollback” bug fix feature, or KIR for short. The known rollback issue fixes errors quickly and reliably for all users using the Windows automatic update feature, similar to a regular emergency update.

KIR Fix Group Policy

However, this poses limitations for Windows servers, as not all systems are free to the KIR updates, which are automatically transferred to the affected devices. To resolve the DNS issues on company-managed devices that have the faulty Windows Server updates installed, administrators need to install and configure two Group Policies. Provides accurate information Microsoft ready for administrators.