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DRAP Introduces An Online Portal for Drugs Registration and Licenses

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The Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan has introduced an online portal where anyone could apply for the registration of the drugs and get their pharmaceutical firms licensed.

Dr Zafar Mirza—the State Minister for Health on Wednesday explained the features the website of DRAP offers.

He said that the new system would help in inspecting their visiting teams. The portal would also be offering pharmacovigilance. This is the strategy used for the monitoring of the effects of the medicines after they have been licensed for use.

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Dr Mirza said that the practice would make sure that the drugs are available in the local market are safe for the patients. The measure has been taken as per Dr Mirza under the initiative of the government of Digital Pakistan and good governance.

He added that the ministry aims to make DRAP paperless by the month of June 2020.

He also mentioned that they are working manually owing to which they have received many complaints. He indicated that sometimes it takes years for implementing certain policies.

The aim is for establishing standardized healthcare that remains unaffected with the changes in the government.

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