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Duplicate File Removing App to Free Phone Memories

A Pakistani origin—based in America entrepreneur has developed a mobile application for removing the duplicate and repeated media files from the mobile phones to make the phone memories free.

Sohail Khan said that the application—nomorpt (no more repeat), works on all kinds of files and applications including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp. It assists in recovering the gigabytes of space on an immediate basis for optimizing the performance of the mobile devices hence resulting in much faster and better performance.

The application is super easy to use and is built on a user-friendly interface.

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Sohail Khan added that the application would most probably be launching this year and has been tried and tested on the Google and Apple stores.

He mentioned that his firm incorporated the use of expertise from professionals of Pakistan in making the app—nomorpt. He added that an increasing number of IT firms in Pakistan are seeking for opportunities to associate with the business partners based in the United States.

Sohail Khan was brought up in the locality of Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi and he left for the United States in the late 80s.

He said that it is obvious and likely that people would prefer to outsource their business solutions to professional and experts from their own country of origin, because of shared values, religion and culture. He informed that nomorpt is developed by Future Concepts LLC, USA which also has a subsidiary in Pakistan.

When Sohail Khan was asked about the similar kind of other apps available on the Google and Apple stores said that we claim the app to be one of the quickest duplicate-file removers. For the cost of two dollars the app could be downloaded and in turn it would keep the phone memory free from overloading.

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