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e-Rozgaar Training System Launched At The University Of Gujarat

e-Rozgaar training system has been launched at the University of Gujarat. This training system is being initiated with the aim to provide online jobs and business opportunities for the youth.

This inauguration took place at Arfa Karim Block, Hafiz Hayat Campus. Dr Umar Saif, Punjab Information Technology Board Chairman and advisor to Punjab chief minister launched this program.

Dr Saif spoke at the launch and said that 1000 youngsters would be given training through this program. It would help them in deciding which career they want to opt and they can discover career opportunities while being trained for three months.

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This is not all. The program will be extended to 36 more districts in Punjab. Similar centers are being planned so that more youngsters are able to take benefit of it.
This platform enables the youth to work on their idea, do self-business, come up with a unique thought, and become an entrepreneur. It won’t only help the teenagers find their lucrative paths but it would also help them contribute in the economic growth of the country.

Pakistan is the top third country to use online freelancing to earn money. If 10,000 youngsters earn US $100 everyday, Pakistan economy would boost. To be exact Pakistan could earn US $36bn per annum as per Dr.Saif.

All in all e-ROzgaar scheme can help diminish unemployment in the country.

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