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Edhi’s website has been hacked


In a somewhat uncommon advancement, it seems that somebody has taken control of Edhi’s authentic site. All donations made to a PayPal account — that is connected on Edhi’s legitimate site — are pulled back by another person.

Right now the site is demonstrating a note that understands: “We Don’t Accept Payment Through Paypal On Website Kindly Make a Refund If Any of You Pay Donation To Any Paypal Account”.

This basically implies a programmer had accessed Edhi’s site and was gathering money in his/her PayPal account.

Upon further examination, it was found that under “Donate Us” button— where there are different banks recorded — a donation  button through PayPal is embedded that prompts to another page.

What we are yet to find out is the way PayPal interface is still appearing on Edhi’s site. The question is why the website admin is not getting rid of the Paypal connect from the site.

While the administration at Edhi knows this but no action has been taken. It gives the idea that Edhi website admin is either not able to roll out any improvements to site or he doesn’t know where Paypal joins are inserted.

Edhi’s is a known philanthropic organization in Pakistan

They essentially pasted the note for Paypal discounts — with no examination of the site itself. It came after somebody informed them regarding the donation that the organization never got.

This must be said here that Ramzan is top time for Edhi to get gifts and a large number of individuals — from Pakistan and abroad. Many individuals visit the site to make gifts amid the heavenly month. The donations given to Edhi are more in monetary form from people living abroad. Edhi has also made a collaboration with Coca-Cola this Ramazan to collect donations. Many celebrities have also endorsed the organization in lieu of donations. While the act itself is breach of morality, we are yet to see what the organization will do to get rid of it.

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