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Snapchat: Spy on your friends or go to the ‘Ghost Mode’

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Did you ever wish,”What if I could really see where Paul is right now?” Now, Paul might be your best buddy but it isn’t a good thing to spy on your friend. However, Snapchat now allows you to spy on your friends.

In a recent update, Snapchat disclosed the news that the users of the app could now see where their friend(s) is and what s/he is up to.

The app works very simply. To see what your friends are up to, all you and they need to have is the latest version of Snapchat. Now, this social networking app isn’t for goofy. So those using this app would know how and when to use it. And once they use it, you could then see what they’re up to and where they’re right then.

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To get the Snapchat Map, turn the app on and zoom out or pinch down your screen. The maps will appear on your screen and you then can see where your buddies are and what they’re doing.

But only your friends can spy on you and if no one wants to share their location, they could simply switch on to the ‘Ghost Mode’. But some are calling it one of the craziest updates the company could have done. Who wants to be spied on?

But then you have the ‘Ghost Mode’, right!

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