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Editing Tweets: Twitter Starts Testing The New Feature with Edit Button

It has actually been known for a year that Twitter is working on an edit button. However, now plans are starting to take shape and the feature, which comes with some limitations, will be made available to a limited number of users.

Limited Users Can Use At The Moment

The SMS service shares this via tweet and blog post announcing that the tweet editing feature is currently being tested internally by Twitter staff. In concrete terms, this concerns the possibility to edit tweets “a few times” within a time frame of 30 minutes after publication. Other users then see a symbol and text that changes have been made. In addition, a full processing history must be visible.

The restrictions are intended to prevent possible abuse. According to this, the function should be capable of correcting spelling mistakes or adding tags later; but tweets are not supposed to be completely rearranged afterward.

In this context, it would also be conceivable to limit the maximum number of characters that can be changed per tweet; However, Twitter does not address such a restriction. Presumably, the visible review process should instead preserve the integrity of a conversation or debate and ensure transparency.

Twitter is currently testing tweet editing. The editing feature is currently only available to Twitter employees. In the coming weeks or later in the month, Blue subscribers in the US will also have access to the edit button.

Twitter Blue is a paid subscription with some extra features for the Twitter app, which is around $5 after a recent price increase. Twitter has so far left it completely open when the feature will be available to a wider mass of users and also in this country.

WhatsApp Wants To Follow

In addition to Twitter, WhatsApp is currently working on an editing feature. It is not yet known whether this will also be accompanied by time restrictions or even a course.

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