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Electronic Skin can easily display your heartbeat on hand

Electronic skins might not only detect health conditions and troubles in the near future but transmit a display on the skin to show them for the world to see.

Researchers of the University of Tokyo have developed an e-skin which can easily measure the vital signs like your heartbeat and display the results on a skin display in real time.

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E-skin blends a breathable nanomesh electrode and stretchable wiring along with micro LEDs’ array which can output basic images bending with your body. With the help of e-skin, other people can easily know if you need help by just looking at your hand or anywhere else the sensor works and get an idea of what’s wrong with the body. The sensor can also pair with a smartphone and transmit its data and information to the cloud, too.

There have been stretchable displays before, but they easily fall apart after the usual stretching and twisting of your body skin.

Dai Nippon Printing has the aim to offer the e-skin within the next 3 years by making it more reliable and improving its coverage for large surface areas. That means this isn’t just a theoretical exercise.

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