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QR Technology Based Parking Solution Launched in Islamabad

Islamabad police have launched the latest updated solution that is based on QR technology for providing security to the automobiles at public parking places of the capital. The QR-based technology—Park Secure is introduced in collaboration with JS Bank.

Islamabad police would be securing all the public parking spots by using this technology. Park Secure issues a QP coupon which is digitally created via a mobile phone and would be provided with the automobile information once the vehicle/automobile enters the parking area.

When exiting the parking arena, the citizens would be required to get the same QR code verification by the on-duty police officer who would be scanning the QR code by making use of his mobile phone and would then give permission to the car to exit only after the credentials are matched.

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This system offers many benefits other than the most basic advantage of reducing the number of car thefts from the parking areas, as per Islamabad police. The police officers would be receiving the live data of the cars entering, cars leaving, and the cars parked in the parking area.

This would help them in sharing the information with the concerned authorities for much better management at their end as well. The police firmly believe that the system is an efficient one and would be adding convenience for the public.

The most recent updated system was introduced on Sunday at the Sunday Bazar of H-9 sector—Islamabad and would soon be adopted in other areas also.

Sultan Azam Temuri—IG Islamabad relating the new initiative said that the safety of the people and their properties is the most important task for the police force and they make sure and try their best to provide the same.

He added that the Islamabad police has introduced the QR-based digital secure parking system in the federal capital.

He also said that we are willing to provide digital policing in the capital city and there are many more technology-based initiatives that are to be launched.

Noman Azhar—Country Head—JS Bank Branchless Banking and Digital Implementation said that Park Secure is a revolutionary step adopted by the Islamabad police and would prove beneficial both for the public and the administration.

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