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Elon Musk Fake Death Report Plunges Tesla Shares

Social media and Elon Musk – this has been a rather questionable combination for a long time, as Musk likes to tweet a lot and that causes him a lot of trouble with the stock exchange regulator. Now it hit Musk himself – false reports spread that he was killed in an accident.

The news of the death of Tesla boss Elon Musk quickly made the rounds. It was said that he was killed in the explosion of a car battery at the Tesla plant. The news was spread through various channels, mostly using fake screenshots from well-known news magazines, which were supposed to give the news a legitimate character. It is not yet clear who is behind this.

The artist Grimes, who lives with Elon Musk and has a child with him, was also quoted on Twitter with an alleged death report. The condolences spread under the hashtag #RIPElon.

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While the false death report was making the rounds, the stock exchange reacted. Tesla stock crashed. Now experts suspect that this was exactly the aim of spreading the false death report.

Effects on the stock market price

The long-established media responded in an exemplary manner. The report was not passed unchecked and so instead the information spread that it was a macabre joke and that Elon Musk is in excellent health. The US Securities and Exchange Commission and the FBI have already started investigations into this macabre case. According to the first information, there are many indications that this action was a solo effort by a single person or a small group.