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YouTube CEO Wants To Keep Blocking Donald Trump’s Channel

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki commented on a release a few weeks after ex-US President Donald Trump’s YouTube channel was blocked. At the moment, the reasons for the block have not changed.

Unlike Twitter, however, YouTube does not rule out a return. There have never been such clear words about ex-US President Trump’s YouTube ban, or at least not yet about the future of the channel. In mid-January, YouTube blocked the channel of US President Trump, who had already been voted out but was still in office. After the storm on the Capitol, the video platform reacted and issued a warning because the Trump videos continued to incite its followers – that’s why YouTube did not want to participate in the distribution of the Trump videos.

Content removed, uploads blocked

A statement at the time said: “After careful consideration and given ongoing concerns about the potential for violence, we have removed new content uploaded to the Donald J. Trump Channel and taken a strike for violating our Incitement to Violence Policy pronounced. ” Initially, however, it was said that the Trump channel would be blocked for a week for the time being. However, it has not yet been released.

New attack calls

Basically, however, nothing has been done about the violence potential of Trump supporters and Trump rhetoric. In an interview, the YouTube head Susan Wojcicki now has according to express. “We will allow Donald Trump’s channel again if we come to the conclusion that the risk of violence has decreased,” said Wojcicki. But that’s not that far right now. “I think it’s pretty obvious that there is still an increased risk of violence,” continued Wojcicki.

She was referring to reports from US media that there are renewed plans by Trump supporters to take the US Parliament building.